About Us

Geofire started in 2005 as Camquip.  Barry Campbell, with 19 years’ experience, started out in a container with one other persons help they eventually moved up, into a building.  Specialising in Davey water products, Barry grew Camquip to a point where it was then sold in 2010. As ups and downs go, the sale resulted in the formation of Geofire cc, in October 2011.  Still dealing with Davey, and now branching out to other opportunities… Geofire still keeps its morals and values at keeping the customer as king.


Barry qualified in business and financial management in 1999, and it shows throughout the company with the utmost respect and in return happy employees give better workmanship.

Human Resources Priorities

Dealing with health and safety ourselves, it makes it easier to ensure that the correct procedures are followed in our own place of work.  We supply all safety equipment(e.g. gloves, boots, etc.) and therefore can be sure that it is used.  While this industry doesn’t create a dangerous work environment, rather safe than sorry. Geofire does offer full training on use of equipment and will be there to support any customer at any event or firebreak.

Social issues

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At meetings within the company, all staff know exactly what is expected from them by Barry and any concerns are brought to the relevant persons attention, where everything can be freely discussed.  All goals are achieved by the employees of a company, Barry, as the owner recognises this, therefore they have involvement in setting those goals. We strive to work as a team in all aspects where there is an open door policy to all customers and staff.

Company Culture & Style

We make sure that our staff and our equipment stands out from the crowd by ensuring that all is true perfection.  Whether it be our staff at a show or our equipment in the field, we without a doubt stick out like a sore thumb when facing our opposition.  We don’t like to be the ones who blend in.


Geofire is a company with good old, old school beliefs.  We hold on to morals and values and believe there is a right and wrong way to do business.  We have been shown the wrong way by most of our opposition, but refuse to follow the crowd.  We are proud of who we are, how we got here, and what we represent as a small valuable business is South Africa.  We are neutral in our outlook, and do not judge.